September 29, 2013

Just another sunny day

Few weeks back I was going through my planner to check when is my friend's birthday exactly (so I wouldn't forget to congratulate her) and I noticed on the front page that my ID was about to expire. I remembered that this summer when I was back home, but I had some other things to take care of and I was afraid that my new ID won't be finished by the time I had to come back (and since I didn't have my passport with me I couldn't travel with no identification documents) so I decided to take care of that some other time. While I was flipping through my planner I noticed a few nothing-to-do days so I decided to use them and go back home again and get a new ID.

Since I was to stay there for a very short time I didn't pack much. Luckily my little camera is small enough to carry around so I brought it along with me. I didn't take many photos because I had to help my grandparents make jam (25kg of plums = 7 hours of preparation time = 12 1kg jars of jam = soar back = dead tired) times 2, and some other winter food goodies. On those days off I sneaked a few snaps here and there. 

While I was walking around I noticed a row of corn just waiting to be picked and put on fire. I asked my grandfather about it and he said that the corn is not ripe yet but we might take a few that looked good and see for ourselves. Only a few were good enough too eat but we lit the fire anyway in out little improvised grill. Yummy :).

It was very sunny and nice during my stay (although a little chilly). I would swap that for this weather anytime - it is very grey, cold, and pouring with rain these last few days. Usually the summer lasts a bit longer here in Belgrade, but this year it decided to end on time, I guess. At least I have sunny photos to look at :).

Another little job that was just waiting for me (like my grandma said) :) - 4 different kinds of beans that had to be separated into different bags.

While I type this I'm glancing at my Moleskine planner to see due dates for Uni, and what else I have to complete for today. I would rather go back home and help my grandparents in that lovely sunny picturesque nature than be here, half asleep because of this rain, and the amount of uni work that has to be done. 

I'll leave you with this little post and I'm off to take a nap. :)

Since school year has begun for pretty much everyone I wish you good look in your tests/exams etc.

All the best, :)


P.S. Archive page for my blog is finished now so if you'd like to see some of my earlier posts you can pop in there :)


Kate said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Hannah said...

Gorgeous pictures!
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