August 29, 2013

The smell of oranges in the summer rain

Finally a summer with rain. This might sound odd to you but immense city heat is not really my cup of tea. That's why I took my chance and went back home as soon as I tied all lose ends. Since the heat followed me there those occasional summer showers were more than welcome. 

You may or may not know that I love flowers a lot so I couldn't go by my grandma's garden and take no single photo, now could I? 

You see in Belgrade 30 degrees C wouldn't go down by the end of the day, no. It was hot 24/7, sleeping was not always possible, and mosquitoes were even more vicious than I remember them being these past few years.

So when I went home and had to take two blankets to cover up at night I was pleasantly surprised. I could finally catch up on my sleep, and relax for a bit from those last few very stressful weeks I had right before I left. I also managed to work on my blog a bit - change something here and there. Seeing my friends and family again was great too. Emails and tweets are just not enough sometimes.

The only thing that could have completed that holiday of mine would have been a short trip down to the sea side, but no luck.

Half way through my holiday my mum called to say that our flat is going to be painted in the next few days. OK, few days no big deal. Not the way it happened. It lasted for good 15 days if not more, and the mess... 
I had to come back to Belgrade a bit sooner because my exams were starting and when I went inside I was shocked. I stayed long enough to unpack my suitcase and pack my overnight bag before I left to my aunt and uncle's place (who were out of town). 
I thought next few days are going to be like my holiday, but no, wrong again. I caught some cold which lingered for good two weeks. Eating ice-cream, drinking cold water and having AC set on 20C at all times probably didn't help much, but between a possible heatwave and a pneumonia I chose the latter. 

Not a perfect summer I was hoping for.

But there's something that improved it a bit (saving the best for last) - a visit to a place that has the best ice-cream I have ever eaten in my life, no lie - Moritz Eis. Click here for their facebook address and location in Belgrade. I tried chocolate and vanilla ice-cream(see the pic below) the first time I went, but my favourite combination is vanilla and hazelnut. 

Now that I'm back into my flat, recovered and well I had to type up this post and have it published. 

To finish of this sort of cloudy post I'm leaving some colourful photos for last. 

Enjoy and until next time, 


  1. sve, sve, ali taj puž među ribizlama - *___*

  2. great post!!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know :)
    - Janine

  3. Beautiful colours, cute post.


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