January 30, 2014

How to... brew a potion!

Welcome to my little potion making masterclass. 

To whip up something that resembles the content of that little bottle on the right you will need the following:

* 1 cauldron (medium size will do just fine)
* 1 mortar (not the white porcelain one, this is not medicine making, it's potion making - focus people!)
* a few ingredients (pictures provided so you know what is what and not end up with something like shown below)

No, no, that's not the outcome we're going for even though you might find it pretty!
In order of appearance we have :

*  poisonous flowers that grow on the North side of the tree in the South East area of your nearest forest (don't look astonished now - these instructions are perfectly clear!)

* (these are not little pebbles, no!) dried bat's liver immersed in concoction of spices (which you don't need to know) and crushed into grains, not powder

* shark oil treated beforehand so it resembles water

* flowers of dried thyme (not the stems!)

* (the bottle on the left is what you need to look at) roasted and finely chopped sunflower seeds

Once you got all the ingredients and tools on your working surface you need to do the following:

/1/   preheat your cauldron 
/2/  in your mortar put 3 pinches of poisonous flowers and 1 flat teaspoon of dried bat's liver and crush into fine powder
/3/   once your cauldron is nice and hot pour in 2 gulps of shark oil and 3 thyme flowers
/4/   after exactly 37 seconds add the content of the mortar into the cauldron
/5/   lower the heat
/6/   stir 5 times counter clockwise
/7/   add sunflower seeds (entire bottle of it) into your cauldron
/8/  let everything simmer for 11 minutes and 6 seconds 
/9/  pour the contents of the cauldron into a tall glass tube

And you're done! If the liquid looks orange/brown-ish and your cauldron didn't explode at any time during the process you did everything right. You have successfully brewed a sleeping potion.

I don't know from what part of my brain did I manage to pull out all of these nonsense, to be quite honest, but I guess that being a member of Pottermore and having a history of watching this kind of fiction shows while growing up was inspiring enough to whip this up.

I didn't make a resolution post this year because I didn't want to have it set in stone since I knew I was bound to break it at some point during the next 365 days lying ahead. But the list is in my mind. And one of the things on it is something new for my blog. It started with yet another makeover (this one is staying here for a while since I don't have the nerves to do it all over again any time soon) but it will continue with filling up that RECIPES labeled posts.

I started cooking some time last year out of  whim. I saw all those pretty muffins on Instagram and I loved eating them but I always bought them from bakeries. I was thinking one night how hard can it really be? It's just mixing things and adding and baking... I was out that night buying something random and I was passing this shop that has kitchen supplies and decided to go in and buy myself a muffin mold.

The rest is history.
(don't let this cliche line fool you - I'm not all that great when it comes to cooking, but I'm trying and learning bit by bit)

Since that time I moved house and am now living all by myself. More about that in some other post, but the point is I had to expand my cooking menu and that's kind of how I got the idea of posting recipes here.

All recipes will be in detail and with photos and hopefully you'll like them.

And this little charade I did up there - there is a story behind it. I was in this craft/hobby store a week ago and I stumbled upon these little cork glass bottles which I liked a lot so I bought them (even though I didn't know what will I use them for, but they were too pretty to leave them there). They were standing on my desk for days in order to inspire me to give them a purpose and yesterday the idea came to mind when I saw a trailer for Charmed (TV show I used to watch when it first appeared years ago). I snapped a few photos and came up with the text today, now, out of the blue. Apart from those photos shown above there are a few more - scroll down below. :)

This mess is what I ended up with when it was time to clean up and wash the bottles. I used camomile tea and apple and cinnamon one and took it out of those little paper baggies, and filled the bottles. In some I added water along with the tea. And the last one - with tainted glass contains just water. I also had some thyme my mum brought when she was cooking something, and those purple flowers are from this Christmas piece I had home.

I hope you liked this little post and that you'll come back to see those recipes I mentioned I'll post in the future :).



October 31, 2013

Halloween special


Scary? Yes? No? No? OK.

Do you ever have a feeling that there's just not enough hours in the day? Yes? Well I just joined that club. Last few weeks have been really busy and even though I have a paper planner, a mobile planner and hundreds of sticky notes around my desk I still don't get everything done in time. I guess that the fact that I'm a procrastinator and a perfectionist (both with a capital P) doesn't help me much either. 
Even though I've been a scatterbrain lately, my little blog is not totally forgotten. In fact I have another post just waiting to be published. Why it's not up yet - well, it got lost on one of those sticky notes I guess... As soon as I type it all up and snap a few more pictures for yours and mine viewing pleasure it'll be up. 

Unlike last year when I went all in with carving pumpkins (tedious little thing, believe me!), this year I downsized a bit and just tried to make something that says Halloween. Don't know if I managed but I still wanted to put these photos up and continue my little tradition. (Everything seems to be little in this post, doesn't it?)

So without further ado (I did say this was going to be a quick little ( again with the little?!) post, didnt' I?) here is my little photo session from today. Hope you like the photos :).

Oh, and Happy Halloween to all who celebrate! :)



Last year's post - here

September 29, 2013

Just another sunny day

Few weeks back I was going through my planner to check when is my friend's birthday exactly (so I wouldn't forget to congratulate her) and I noticed on the front page that my ID was about to expire. I remembered that this summer when I was back home, but I had some other things to take care of and I was afraid that my new ID won't be finished by the time I had to come back (and since I didn't have my passport with me I couldn't travel with no identification documents) so I decided to take care of that some other time. While I was flipping through my planner I noticed a few nothing-to-do days so I decided to use them and go back home again and get a new ID.

Since I was to stay there for a very short time I didn't pack much. Luckily my little camera is small enough to carry around so I brought it along with me. I didn't take many photos because I had to help my grandparents make jam (25kg of plums = 7 hours of preparation time = 12 1kg jars of jam = soar back = dead tired) times 2, and some other winter food goodies. On those days off I sneaked a few snaps here and there. 

While I was walking around I noticed a row of corn just waiting to be picked and put on fire. I asked my grandfather about it and he said that the corn is not ripe yet but we might take a few that looked good and see for ourselves. Only a few were good enough too eat but we lit the fire anyway in out little improvised grill. Yummy :).

It was very sunny and nice during my stay (although a little chilly). I would swap that for this weather anytime - it is very grey, cold, and pouring with rain these last few days. Usually the summer lasts a bit longer here in Belgrade, but this year it decided to end on time, I guess. At least I have sunny photos to look at :).

Another little job that was just waiting for me (like my grandma said) :) - 4 different kinds of beans that had to be separated into different bags.

While I type this I'm glancing at my Moleskine planner to see due dates for Uni, and what else I have to complete for today. I would rather go back home and help my grandparents in that lovely sunny picturesque nature than be here, half asleep because of this rain, and the amount of uni work that has to be done. 

I'll leave you with this little post and I'm off to take a nap. :)

Since school year has begun for pretty much everyone I wish you good look in your tests/exams etc.

All the best, :)


P.S. Archive page for my blog is finished now so if you'd like to see some of my earlier posts you can pop in there :)